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Do you want to know more about what means Social and Cultural Geography, what is the relationship between space, society and culture? What is Spatial development, how is the space organized or how the society organizes its space? What is the relationship of culture to all of that? Or maybe you want to share your experience and ideas, or you want to join in the discussion about the responsibilities of contemporary Social and Cultural Geography? Maybe you are just curious person who likes and want to know more about the civilizational and cultural differences around the wolrd, or to get more knowledge about the civilizational contacts in geographical space? Then you are at right place. Why?

In the Social and Cultural Geography website, you can find the latest trends in the above mentioned topics. Here you can find research papers of scientists and researchers in this field of geographical science no only in Bulgarian but all over the world. You can also find interesting reports, articles, comments, analysis, books, students' course and graduation projects and web links to other sites with similar themes. This site is a result of close communication and academic cooperation between Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", and Veliko Turnovo University "St. Cyril and Methodius" and several foreign universities and is an important forum for international exchange of information and views on Social and Cultural Geography.